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    Change TOC Style in Robohelp 8.0.2- Webhelp

    matt Glomb Level 1



      Essentially what Im trying to do is remove the highlight or focus outline around my toc item when it is clicked. On safari it has a blue border that appears and everywhere else it produces a dotted line around them. I would also like to be able to set a padding, change the font color and style on rollover and normal. My first thought was to add something like this to my style sheet for all cases of <a>, but this isnt cutting the cake.


      a {

      outline-style: none!important;




      Is this functionality built into the interface or do I need to go edit the javascript file that add/edit these styles? And if so, what file do I need to edit and where?  I did run across this related post, but the reference link in it doesnt work. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/690847?tstart=0


      Also my javacript skills arent super strong, so I could use some thorough instructions if possible


      Thanks for your help

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          matt Glomb Level 1

          Well, I figured since I struggled with this I would help peoples out with the easiest solution I could find.


          Theres 2 locations that should be adressed when trying to edit the your Table of Content styles manually via javascript.



          For editing the color, underline, font, font size... setting are under "setFont" for normal and hover states.





          For the background box size when selected, you can add padding. Also to remove the ugly highlighting from clicking on one (focus), you can add the styles inline upon creation within the following code. You can also add whatever else you want into it from here as well. This is located within 2 spots of this file. One for the book, and one for the topic, so you need to change it in 2 places.


          Picture 4.png


          Make sure you make a backup of your files before making changes, and to keep these altered files in a separate location because Robohelp will overwrite them next time you generate your webhelp, hence you will need to overwrite these files every time that you do.


          Hope this helps!

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            Thanks for posting back with your solution. Always nice when someone helps in that way.



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