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    Document Specific settings keep reverting back


      This is driving me nuts.  Please tell me if I'm doing something wrong.


      I don't want my slice names to have state name attributes added.  I just want the slice's name to be exported.  I open Document Specific tab. This really is in a silly place.  Why do I have to change Export from "Images" to "HTML and Images" before Options is available.  Sorry, end of rant.  So, I'm on the Document Specific tab and I set all slice names and state names to "none".  I then click Set Defaults.  I say Ok to the pop up window that asks if I want to use the settings in this tab as the default for new documents.  That would be great.  I've had to reset this at least 20 times.


      Please, please someone out there...  am I doing something wrong?  I'm on a Mac and using Fireworks CS5.