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    HELP--getting error message upon export attempt:


      WHile trying to export from AE CS5, I'm getting an error meassage which reads, " The directory originally specified

      in the selected output module no longer exists".

      I've tried rebooting and also, while re-launching after effects, I tried holding CTL, ALT, and shift (something i heard might work)...

      neither worked....

      What can i do????

      THANK YOU...


      ANOTHER bit of info----at the start of working on this project (it is a template project), i have the message

      ,"this project contains 1 reference to a missing effect.  Please install the following effect to restore this reference. ("Form")"....

      Could this have anything to do with my export issure?.....The project is working fine and looks great, so at first i didn't think

      not having "form" was an issure, but now i'm wondering............If this is connected, what is form and can i download it and add

      it for free???

      Thanks again..