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    once again spot color layers

    c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

      This issue has been raised at irregular intervals previously, but once again:

      I would like Layer support for Spot Colors.


      While I would not call myself a packaging industry professional I do have to prepare package-designs for flexo-print occasionally.

      And some of the more »adventurous« graphic designers go for spot-colors for other products too, anyway, so I would see some advantages in the feature.


      Basically I would hope for something akin to a Solid Color Layer where one can paint on a Layer Mask and the resulting transparency minus the overlying layers’ opacities be transferred to the Spot Channel on the fly.

      I think Mike Ornellas has proposed something like this before.


      But I appreciate that there are difficulties connected with such a feature – at least as much as a non-programmer or -color scientist can appreciate those, I guess. 

      • Some Adjustment Layers’ dialogs would have to become significantly more »elastic« to be able to encompass Spot Layers – and while I think Spot Layers should be disregarded by Hue/Saturation, Selective Color, Channel Mixer etc. Adjustments (basically everything except Curves and maybe Levels Adjustment Layers) others may disagree.

      • The simulation of mixed colors could deviate from actual, printed results more than some people expect – which might lead to customer dissatisfaction.

      • Should the Spot Color-display be based on the Color Settings Gray-setting (as it is now, if Im not mistaken) or on the CMYK-ICC-profile’s black channel or, in case of a grayscale image, on that one’s profile?

      • To what degree would the knock-out qualities of spot-layers need to be able to be customized (with a Contour/shc for example) and would they have to apply with regard to higher Layers?


      Now that if I’ve almost talked myself out of it I still hope to see some improvements with regard to spot colors in the future, like something like a Spot Channel Smart Object – a nested layered, grayscale file that has no existence in the Layers Panel and will output as a Spot Channel.