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    Trouble editing old avi. files



      and first of all this is my first post so hopefully I dont ask questions that are already asked / too easy for this forum.

      I have tried to edit old avi files which have been shot with old Canon Ixus  500 camera. As I mentioned files are avi. and bitrate is 88 kbs and framerate 10 / sec. Nevertheless when I try to drag files to Timeline for editing I get warning message: "This type of file is not supported or required codec is not installed". I assume that file type is quite ok so I would like to know what codec I need to install for editing those movie clips. Currently I have not installed any additional codecs.OS is Windows 7, 64 bit Home Premium.


      Thanks in advance

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          This camera shoots video in a form of AVI known as the MJPEG-AVI, which generally is not compatible with Premiere Elements.


          The FAQs to the right of this forum offer suggestions for converting this video to more editable DV-AVIs.



          You don't say which operating system you're using or which version of the program you're editing on, so I can't give you specific advise. Windows MovieMaker is the best choice for converting the files. However, newer versions of MovieMaker Live won't do this conversion, in which case MPEG Streamclip is your best solution.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            While MJPEG can work fine in PrE, that 10 FPS is going to be a big issue, as there are no Project Presets (what you choose at New Project). I would also fear that your camera does not shoot in a Frame Size that will work smoothly with PrE. At the very best, I would guess that you'll have to Scale up your footage, and it might not look good - along with that 10 FPS. In the end, it might be best to convert those MJPEG files to DV-AVI with a program, like Prism, and Import those. The conversion will have to work UP from the specs. in those files, so quality will likely suffer some, but just might be made to work with PrE.


            Still, to see what happens, read this ARTICLE on the MJPEG CODEC.


            Also, though Steve has sort of "peeked" into the AVI "wrapper," this ARTICLE will give you some background.


            Good luck,