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      how must ı use kuler ,the colors if i create a website?
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          If I may help you out here Sami (actually Sami is probably laying out on the beach in Mexico somewhere I bet)...

          Well yzc first of all welcome to our little addiction. :)

          It depends on what you are using to create your website?

          Basically though, you will use the RGB or HEX # (color code) once you find your color theme of choice, in your color options for creating your website.

          If you follow this link it will show you a tutorial to help you understand the process which will in turn make it easier for you to understand colors, and how putting it together works. Good idea to just take a few minutes and go through it before choosing your color theme.

          http://kuler.adobe.com/links/tutorial (just click on the colored steps when you get there)

          Once you have found your color theme of choice click on it>on the right hand side of your screen you will see 2 small icons (squares) under the large color theme you selected, which goes across your monitor screen.


          1. Looks like a document with an arrow pointing downward (this is to download the theme you are viewing).
          1a. You do not want this one.

          2. Looks like a flat screen monitor
          2a. You want this one so click on it

          When you open it scroll down your page some and you will see codes (a mess of numbers). You will see the RGB codes lit up, you take those numbers and enter them where the program or website you are using gives you color options.

          I can give you simpler directions if you tell me what you are using to create your website?