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    gbAIRSSL is not defined after publishing and viewing default topic

    ODoyle Rules Level 1



      I have

      RoboHelp 8.02
      IE 6
      WebHelp Pro output


      Our main publishing person is on vacation and I'm the backup publishing person. We had no problems with our published project until I publishd for the first time. I'm sorry if this is the incorrect section. After I published (no errors) our project, I went out to view our project and confirm our updates published. I opened the published project and it would not open our default topic page, but at the bottom of IE status bar it was trying to open something. I closed IE and opened the project in Firefox and it open just fine. I had IT take a look and they found out that there was a java script error saying whtopic.js can't find gbAIRSSL.I'm not sure why this happened on my first publish. Has anyone else expierenced this issue? We've never used AIR Help, we always use WebHelp Pro. I'm not sure if this may be the issue, our publishing person has IE8 while they published.


      Our IT person edited the default topic page (added a script function) and added var gbAIRSSL = null; to the whtopic.js file. as a workaround. Does anyone know how to fix this issue, because I don't want IT to keep editing the whtopic.js file after I publish (the code will be overwritten after a compile). I can't add the code to the file, because we can not have access to the server.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.