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    FlashBuilder: Android/Flex Components+Full Screen Graphic possible?

    BaCbDc Level 1

      I'm new to flash and interested in multi-platform graphical game development.


      I've installed the Flash Builder Burrito test version and want to develop

      a full screen Android graphical game with Android-Flex components

      (like buttons etc.).



      Is it possible to have a full graphical screen and then overlay

      Android-Flex components (buttons etc.) or ist only possible

      to integrate a graphical screen within a Flex components app

      so that Android/Flex components have to been outside the screen

      and so no full graphical screen overlayed with Android/Flex

      components is possible?



      If full graphical screen + Android/Flex components is possible:

      which project type have I to choose:

      File->New->Flex Project or File->New->ActionScript Mobile Project?



      Are the components I can choose to design my Flash-Android project

      Android-like Flex components or are they real Android components?