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    AVI Files, Sound but No Video


      I have searched the forums but could not find the answer.  I have a slightly tricky situation.


      I have old AVI files on my hard drive captured from a Sony D8 camcorder.  I used PE (version 2 I believe) to capture them.  This was a couple of years ago.  I have around 30 tapes and captured all the material from all of the tapes (around 700GB).  I then inlayed the date and time stamp on all the clips using DV Date (an excellent utility).  The initial enthusiasm of editing and converting them to DVD's stopped after the first couple of projects ;-)


      Fast forward 2 years, when I tried to play the clips, I only get sound and no video (Windows media player, NERO, WinAmp etc.), with one exception, the VLC player.  When I get the clips into PE, they work fine!  The DV date utility also cannot open the files. It says, only audio stream found and no video stream.


      I tried VirtualDub.  It plays them without any errors.  I then saved them and tried to play with other players.  Same problem.  Previously every player was playing them fine and now they don't.  I am terrified by the idea of re-importing from all the tapes and re-inlaying them with date and time.


      What I did between the time they played fine and now was to back-up all the files onto another hard drive and defragment the first hard drive (I am still using the same computer to do all this).  Files have the same problem from either drive.


      Bottom line, the clips work fine within PE but sound with no video on the media players.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks a lot.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Apparently the other players can't work with the basic DV audio codec.


          Fortunately, since  the video works with Premiere Elements, as it should, you can use it to create video projects -- which you can output in formats that your players will be able to play.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            My guess would be that the system is possibly lacking the proper CODEC for the files. VLC Player incorporates many CODEC's, and doesn't normally even look to the system's to use.


            Now, what I do find as odd, is that PrE has no issues, but PrE installs several CODEC's (and then hides them a bit, to protect them), but in the case of material Captured via PrE to AVI, is that the files should definitely be using the MS DV - AVI CODEC, which is very basic, and should be on the system.


            As a test, can you download and install the great, free utility, G-SPOT. Launch that program, and let it survey your system. Then drag one of those AVI files to the GUI. Here, it's probably easiest to just do a screen-cap of the G-Spot screen, and post that, as it will save you a lot of typing.


            After that test, there might be a few more, and they are going to be simple, but let's take this one step at a time.


            As Steve says, as long as PrE can Import and edit those source files, you can complete your Project, Export to a DVD and all should be fine. In the meantime, just use VLC Player as your player for those files.


            Good luck,



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              NThiru Level 1

              Thanks a lot Bill and Steve.


              Bill, I will do as you suggested with GSpot and post the results.


              Thanks again.

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                NThiru Level 1



                Here is the output from GSpot on the original file.


                I also used Virtual Dub.  VDub opens the file and plays it fine.  I then used 'Save as' and saved as a new avi file.  Had the same problem and GSpot gave me the same screen.


                GSpot output.jpg





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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  If G-Spot (and other programs) is incapable of rendering the files, I'd suspect that something is definitely wrong with them. The DV CODEC is so very common, that I cannot pin the issue there. I suspect something else is afoot.


                  Also, the 32KHz Audio puzzles me, as 48KHz is the common DV Sample-Rate. Now, I do not know how PrE 2.0 might have been capturing, but I expected to see 48KHz. Still, 32KHz should work fine, as PrE can Conform from that. The presence, however, makes me wonder about that earlier Capture.


                  Wish that I had more to offer, but maybe others will see what I am missing.


                  Good luck,



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                    NThiru Level 1



                    Thanks for your comments.  At least, it gives me some more things to look at.  This is definitely weird.  All of the files were captured using PrE and they still work fine from within PrE but none of them play from other players.  I was hoping to use the video clips without editing but now either I have to edit and render them using PrE or re-capture all of them.  Either one is a huge time committment.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      I would think about doing an Export/Share from PrE, and using the DV-AVI option w/ 48KHz 16-bit Audio. The DV CODEC does compress, but very, very lightly, so quality should not take a hit, that anyone can see. Those resultant files should definitely play and almost anywhere.


                      Good luck, and still not sure why those files do not play in most playback devices, or software.



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                        NThiru Level 1



                        Just wanted to post a follow-up on my problem for the benefit of others.


                        I thought all my files are corrupt and decided to capture them again.  When I hooked up my Sony D8 camcorder (using FireWire) I had problems again!  PrE said "Can't Activate Recorder.  Try Resetting Camcorder".


                        Tried Windows Movie Maker and that gave me a rather helpful (not!) "an unknown error occurred".  Back to my troubleshooting again and found a post somewhere on Adobe forums about "regsvr32 qdv.dll" . [Start -> Run and type regsvr32 qdv.dll (there is a space between 2 and q)].  I did that and all of my old files started working! Windows media player now plays them fine.  GSpot now says everything is good. I have attached the GSpot output below.


                        GSpot output Good.jpg


                        Now the bad news.  When I import media files into PrE, there is no audio!  Windows media player still plays them fine.


                        After re-registered the qdv.dll, I had problem with audio but re-starting the PC fixed it.


                        Now, back to audio troubleshooting in PrE!  I will post an update if I am successful.



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Thank you for the update.


                          Now, regarding the Audio:


                          Do the files play with Audio in other apps./players?

                          Did you let the Imported/Captured files to Conform completely? This ARTICLE gives some background.

                          Did you look at this ARTICLE for troubleshooting Audio issues on the system and in PrE?


                          Good luck,