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    PE9 crashing on startup, cannot proceed (Mac)


      My son has been using a new iMac 3.2 since Christmas running a newly installed PE9.  He has been editing a variety of short videos, experimenting with effects and so on.  He has been experiencing crashes in PE several times each day but now, after the last one, we cannot restart the program.  On startup, the purple window comes up and goes through all the "Loading..." messages in rapid sequence, and then we get the box "Adobe Premiere Elements 9 quit unexpectedly", with the offer to send a report to Apple.


      Switching to a different login of course allows PE to start normally, so apparently it is being hosed upon trying to reload something out of my son's previous edits somehow but I'm unsure where to look or what log file to inspect to try to figure out how to clear whatever is going on here.