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    Return Current Time Indicator to start position on stop?

    Dozerbeatz Level 1

      I am an audio tracking, mixing, mastering engineer.

      Getting into video production to expand...


      I am looking for an option to have the Current Time Indicator return to the start position on stop.

      The start position would be anywhere the CTI is when starting playback.


      Example: The CTI is here.

      I press space bar to play sequence.

      Now, when I press the space bar again to stop, it stops at its current time.

      I would like it to return to where I started it from.

      One of the main reasons for this is audio editing.

      Replaying quickly a certain section, or jumping to sections and playing from that position...

      Having to constantly click the time ruler to bring the CTI back is annoying..

      Sure, you could loop it, but when you want to move quickly, setting loop points is time consuming.


      If there is not an option for this, it would be a cool addon...

      Another one would be to have the option of selecting other folders for

      Premiere Pro to look at for VST audio effects from third party manufacturers.

      Using my other vst audio effects would be great, but they are installed to dedicated audio folders.