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    Tomcat: <prefix> in services-config.xml must be unique?


      Hi all, I've been trying to get my flex application communicating with Tomcat and now have it working

      Just trying to confirm something that took me many hours to get right and may help others along the way..


      Originally I modified the BlazeDS webapp by updating the remoting xml and putting in my own classes and it worked without any problems

      I then removed the BlazeDS webapp directory out the tree and created a new one carefully checking each step.. but there was nothing written to catalina log file at any time when running the app or any sign of communication even in debug mode


      I then moved the sample BlazeDS webapp back and when starting Tomcat it complained of duplicate ID's (here is the message: Exception: flex.messaging.config.ConfigurationException: Can not add destination with id 'insert your remoting destination id' to service with id 'proxy-service' because another service with id 'remoting-service' already has a destination with the same id)


      Eventually I noticed in services-config.xml logging section for my new webapp that the <prefix> was still set to BlazeDS - changed this to the new webapp directory name and not only did the exceptions disappear but everything now worked


      So I'm thinking that the prefix is much more important than just a logging descriptor as the XML tag suggests


      Can anyone confirm this behaviour or shed some light?


      PS I should make clear the above problems were not when running the turnkey but on a fresh install of tomcat 6.0.29 on Centos linux using apache proxypass/reverseproxypass to redirect port 80 to 8080


      PS2 - I realise this is not a pure Flex question but it's related due to Adobe crafting a turnkey Flex/Tomcat install with Blaze and it's in the flex configuration files)


      I hope I've covered all bases in the question and look forward to knowing more... CHEERS!