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    gone from bad to worse


      I appreciate the chain of suggestions that have been provided, and as each appeared promising, I find myself further behind...


      I started with the NookColor not recognizing the epub book borrowed from the local library... followed the suggestions to

      get the nook to activated via ADE... 1st by removing folders, then reconnecting.  That failed.  Then by de-registering and re-registering.

      That failed.  The uninstalling and reinstalling on PC, that failed.

      Then by creating a new ID... which is also failing... to this point I've gone from bad to worse.


      This is where I am now after the creation of a new ID and reinstalling software on PC

      I can't even activate on my PC... HELP!!!



           E_ADEPT_IO SignInDirect Error%20#2032



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          Jim@3M Level 1

          The issue(s) have been resolved. While it appeared to be all one 1 issue,

          it was actually several different ones, and if this helps anyone else... so be it.


          My scenario: 

          A book borrowed from the library was made available on my work pc via ADE... if I just waited til I got home... :-(

          I wanted the book to be on my nookColor, and was attempting to get it there via my home computer,

          So first I wanted to share the book across PCs and then to my nookColor.  So the issues I had:

          • nookColor registration via home computer

          resolved after numerous attempts following ealier suggestions... (directory removal, disconnect, start ADE, reconnect)

          something to note (make sure ADE is not active when removing directory folders from nook, otherwise they seem to stay)

          • getting second pc to receive/have access to borrowed book

          instructions indicate that copying the pdf of epub would be sufficient, actually needed to copy ascm file

          (again, computers were networked, so having ADE active on one seemed to impact the other)


          • I was able to get all devices registered with the same adobe ID,  I copied the ascm file from work machine to home,

          opened the ascm file on home machine (network disconnected), connected nookColor, then transfered the book's

          library location... viola!  been reading and liking the nook since.

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            Same happend to me I treid everything to get a library book

            onto my Kobo and still no progress