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    Cant fiquer out how to choose the correct sequence settings for HD

    Steve from NY Level 1

      I edit for over 50 shooters whom I never have contact with. I get every possible file format & never the parameters they shot in. In FCP all I had to do was drag the footage to an empty sequence & it would automatically adjust it to the exact sequence parameters. In PP I always get either a yellow bar or red bar on everything I try to edit and the footage in the program window is always very strobey whether I set it for field or frame display. (All DV footage I have no issue with, it's only HD files)


      In Premiere CS5 I am finding it frustrating. Is there a program that cam read all the important codec info so at least I can dig for a sutible sequence? I tryed gspot but it doesn't tell much & PP CS5 clip properties doesn't seem to be of much help either.


      Am I missing something in my approach?