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    render times

    M-323 Level 1

      ok I have a two hour live event that I had to fix up.


      I added ONE effect to it in After Effects CS3


      added it to the render que using MP2 DV settings....


      Im using

      Power Mac G5
      CPU Type:    PowerPC G5  (3.0)
      Number Of CPUs:    2
      CPU Speed:    2.5 GHz
      L2 Cache (per CPU):    512 KB
      Memory:    4.5 GB
      Bus Speed:    1.25 GHz


      its estimating 40 hrs!!


      am I doing sotmhing wrong? .. this will put us into 2011 and I will HOPE that it processes correctly.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Yes, some renders take a very long time.Taking 40 hours to render a two-hour movie means that it's taking around one second per frame. That's not so bad, really, depending on the effects and frame size.


          You didn't give much information about the complexity or size of your composition or what effect you just added, so there's really no way for us to know how reasonable this is.


          This page has a lot of information about improving performance in After Effects CS3:

          http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/AfterEffects/8.0/WSF13D6BED-C53B-408a-B2D6-C8B4205D4FB7.ht ml

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            SKATEFORFREE Level 1

            Yes that is normal

            But i don't anderstand sometimes it goes mad

            eg: i putted on a 18 second clip some magic bulet looks (simple hot effect) and after rendering it came out as 4.5 gb SPACEE

            Thats mad.., i don't know why

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              > after rendering it came out as 4.5 gb SPACEE

              Thats mad.., i don't know why


              "FAQ: Why is my output file huge...?"

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                M-323 Level 1

                ok so I let it render. it took about 30 of the estimated 40 hrs.


                So I go and open the file it put out and its like 3 seconds of the two hour show!?


                the in and out points were not moved and they are reflective of the entire movie.


                I did howver find an audio output by the same name, so I checked the settings and sure enough, it was set to output bot audio and video.


                now what?


                I output to an M2V file buecase the final output is supposed to be for SD DVD.


                oh yes, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE too!

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                  Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Sorry, it's very hard to offer concrete suggestions when the information you're providing is incomplete.


                  What is the origin, resolution and codec of your source footage?


                  What effect are you applying?



                  Please also note that you're using a computer that, in the world of technology, is pretty old.  Updating to a contemporary machine could reduce your render times by a factor of 10 or more.  Back when the dual-500 Mac G4 was released (around 2000...?) I remember I was working on a 30 second TV spot that was asking for 10 DAYS to render.  The shiny new G4 could do it in just one day.   I bought it on the spot! :-)

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                    M-323 Level 1



                    its a simple live event we recorded. not too much movement. just people singing but it was in a theater which was dark. the cameras had a hard time with the spotlights vs ambient light and portions of the performance turned out grainy.


                    So I bought this plug in called Neat Video for AE. It works great... way better than the standard effect within the application.


                    I applied the filter, sent it to the render que, it ran for 33hrs 11min and the output is 3seconds long, along with an audio track by the same name which is the full length.


                    settings were 720 x 480 (sd)

                    Format Mpeg2 DVD (M2V)

                    Output says - based on "lossless" - maybe this setting was wrong? I intended to go out to "DVD Studio Pro"

                    time span was "work area" 1hr 50min 48sec and 28 frames

                    frame rate was 29.97fps


                    Secondly, Im wondering now, if it out put the audio already and I have to run the entire thing again, would you run it without audio this time to save render time? but then there is the problem of syncing it up.


                    Upgrading: I have Final Cut Pro Studio I. As far as upgrading, the best I can do for now is if I could find the upgrade disks for Final Cut Pro Studio I to FCPS II. I have found a full version of Studio II but not the upgrades only (if you know of somewhere I could buy the upgrade disks, let me know).


                    Studio II includes FCP 6 which will work on my machine but the latest version of Studio (Studio III) has FCP 7 which requires a Mac with an Intel Processor (although some people claim to have FCP 7 running on non-intel machines but its not the recommended settings and may encounter problems.) AND even if Studio III will work on a non-intel machine, it still requires "Snow Leopard" which is the next higher OS (Im using Tiger) THEN, if I change the OS, Im concerned that other programs will not work.


                    Next time I upgrade I will wait for a small, light, solid state machine that will double as a solid state hard drive for the cameras.


                    Also the output file is writing to an external 7600rpm hard drive through USB II. I had an 800mbps external but its not working. USB could be slowing it down a bit but 33hrs!?


                    Any suggestion on output settings?


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                      Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                      Noise reduction plugins are very processor intensive, so it's not unusual that you are seeing long render times, especially considering the age of your hardware.  The I/O speed of your USB drive will also slow things down a bit.


                      FCS3 and Snow Leopard both require Intel hardware, so there is no point in trying to install either.


                      How much free hard drive space do you have?  My workflow would be to render a lossless (or near-lossless) file out of AE, then use Apple Compressor to create DVD-compatible MPEG2 and audio files.  But the lossless files will be quite huge.  Quicktime Animation, Quicktime PNG, or Apple Pro-Res, are all good examples of codecs that would be suitable.


                      You may want to break the job into more manageable segments (20 or 30 minutes each?) to keep file sizes more reasonable.  You could even segment your workflow if you have limited hard drive space, and render out 30 minutes of content, compress to MPEG2, delete the QT and move onto the next 30 minutes, etc.


                      When the time comes for you to upgrade, you'll see huge improvements in render time.  You'll get major hardware benefits from Intel CPUs, 64 bit processing, access to greater amounts of RAM, and multi-processing capability.