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    Automatically playing an s:AnimateColor effect




      I'm creating an animation effect on a fill in a custom skin (most of the script is from the panel skin.) I want to add an animation to the background fill but most examples that I have found say to create a button that starts the effect.  How do I just have the animation effect play automatically?


      I have a custom component called "Content Viewer" which extends the SkinnableContainer class.


      Heres the reference in the application:

          <components:ContentViewer skinClass="skins.CustomPanelSkin" top="100" right="250">


      And here is the important parts of the custom skin:

              <s:AnimateColor id ="colorChange" target="background"
                              colorFrom="0x000000" colorTo="0x00FF00" repeatCount="5"  />
        <!-- layer 2: background fill -->
              <s:Rect id="background" left="1" top="1" right="1" bottom="1">
                      <s:SolidColor id="backgroundFill" color="#000000"/>



      Thanks for any help that you can provide.


      Best Regards,