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    [kinda urgent] Is that possible signing without digital ID?



      I want to ask two questions. Those things might similar to each other, which may concerning signing without Digital ID.


      First one is that we want to get sign right away right on the place(maybe without Digital ID). Probably a pad or something, such the device we use when taking bills with credit card, would be connected to the computer. Is that possible or at least sounds probable? and if it is, please let me know how.



      Not only that, I wanna ask u one more thing. It is using pdf file with table pc, such as I-PAD. hmm.. giving an example, let's say I read a dynamic forms with I-pad, and I want to sign without Digital ID thing, specifically 'on the pad'. is that possible? like the former one, if it is, please tell me how to do it.

      The former one is more important and the fact whether possible or not is the first priority.

      In case the information is not specific enough, just comment about that, I am gonna add more detail.


      kinda in a hurry, Please help me.

      Any comment would be appreciated!!