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    Adobe Digital Download and authorization of "nook"?


      I have downloaded the Digital Edition software to my computer running Window XP.  I have a "NooK" digital reader from Barnes and Nobles attached. I have authorized the computer but when connecting the device and being prompted to authorize the "nook" with the digital Adobe login and password I get the following error message (see Picture 1) .                                                              Next when using the try again button I get the following error (see Picture 2). Next after fillng in the adobe login and password and using the authorize button I get the following (picture 3 )  2010-12-29_2257_bad_device_key.png)  After 2 days and various uninstalls and installs of the software I have had no resolution to authorizing the "nook".  Please advise solution??2010-12-29_2250_Try_again.png

      Picture 2



















      Picture 1