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    String literals in Actionscript missing characters?


      I'm putting together a gallery/info viewer in Flash for a fraternity I'm in. What I have it doing is:


      -A thumbnail of each member's picture is visible

      -When the thumbnail is clicked, a picture is called into a UILoader at the top of the screen, and a string is called to be placed into a dynamic textbox next to the UILoader.


      Here's the code for my thumbnail...

      (currentData.currentPic is the location for the UILoader)


      • myLastName.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myLastNameLoad);

      • function myLastNameLoad(e:Event){
            currentData.currentPic.source = "../NewSinfonia/myLastName.jpg";
            infoText.text = "First Last \n  Initiated Fall 10 \n Saxophone Performance '13 \n Webmaster";


      And here's what I get when I click on the thumbnail in the movie preview or when I open it in HTML in Firefox:


      First Last

      nitiated Fall

      Saxophone Performance



      So, random characters are missing, and the same characters (by which I mean the I in Initiated, both years, etc., not the 10th character or whatever) are missing throughout all forty-or-so thumbnails. Everything else (picture loading, etc.) is working fine. I'm working out of "the official training workbook from Adobe Systems" for guidance, and the example they had similar to this involved pulling .txt files to load into the box, which I can do if I need to, but I'd rather just keep it this way. Anyone have any ideas? All help is appreciated.