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    NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Status 200




        body = (Object)#1
        clientId = (null)
        correlationId = "9E301DA1-3DBE-B400-B8F5-3C32A09EBB53"
        destination = ""
        extendedData = (null)
        faultCode = "Channel.Call.Failed"
        faultDetail = "NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Status 200"
        faultString = "error"
        headers = (Object)#2
        messageId = "07B5169C-2FF2-0618-2022-3C32A0DC20C6"
        rootCause = (Object)#3
          code = "NetConnection.Call.Failed"
          description = "HTTP: Status 200"
          details = "http://localhost:8080/ar/messagebroker/amf"
          level = "error"
        timestamp = 0
        timeToLive = 0


      I'm trying to make 3 remote method calls to my java service class. The first remote method is invoked when the swf application loads. This call is successfull and returns me the custom object as expected. In result handler, after recieving the result, i make another remote call on the server. After the second remote call, in its result handler, i make another remote call on the server adn the result is then used to render the page.

      I've an implementing class which interfaces with the swf file, such that the swf calls the methods of this class, and in turn calls other classes from within it.

      I've done this successfully for one java implementation for the same swf file. With another implementation of java service, using the same swf, I'm getting the above errors.

      When i went back to my blazeds logger file, i find that the first remote call, which is called on load of application (swf), is always successfully made. I also see the response object of the call. After recieving the call, it should fire another remote call, and it is here that the operation fails.

      When i refresh the page, at times, the remote call breaks after the second remote call when it should fire the third. on repeated refresh of the screen, i get the desired page rendered.

      The problem is that the above error does occur frequently and sometimes, even the repeated refresh doesnot render the page, giving this error each time.

      I surfed through the net, but of no use.

      I even tried putting the tag no-cache-config, in the channels tag in services-config.xml, but even this doesnot work.

      Any help in this would be highly appreciated. Its causing a pain in my neck and is a bottleneck for my code development activities as well.