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    APrE 9 -- which file format?




      I have a "Flip" style video camera (Creative Vado HD, specifically), that shoots 720p. I'm working on a project that requires several rendered clips to be composited into another movie. When I try to export the clip in AVI format (for editing in Premiere) it seems to lose resolution (is DV widescreen the correct profile???). I'm concerned MPEG2 is lossy for quality and all other formats take way too long to render (3+ min for a 14sec clip).


      What the is appropriate format for re-editing 720p (Flip) video at 1280x720?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Technically, only the Flip Mino and Flip Ultra are supported in Premiere Elements 9. However, you may be able to use one of these presets for your project, even though they don't match your 1280x720 video. (You may also want to try the 1280x720 preset in the Hard Drive Camcorder presets.)


          Make sure your render your video (press Enter) whenever a red line appears above a clip on your timeline.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For Exporting/Sharing HD material, to be assembled and then output from another Project, I would look at the Lagarith Lossless CODEC. The files will be rather large, and there will be a bit of time, as PrE decodes those, but the results will be lossless, though compressed.


            You are working in HD, but if you will be down-rezzing to SD at some time (yes, there will be a loss in resolution, as you will be going to 720 x 480 for NTSC, at some point), then you can pretty much pick WHERE you do the down-rezzing. If you do it at the initial Export stage, it will be no worse, than if you do it in the final Export. The one question would be, "do I ever want to later Export as HD?" If so, then using a CODEC, like the Lagarith, in that early stage, and editing in HD, until that final Export, or Burn to DVD, would be the best. If you know that you will NEVER need to edit that resultant Project in HD, then it will not matter, and you WILL loose resolution going from HD to SD.


            What is you desired output?


            Good luck,




            PS - there is another highly rated lossless CODEC, UT CODEC, but I have never tested it in PrE. It gets very good reviews in the PrPro forum, so you might want to look at it too.

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              alisse Level 1



              Thanks for the time taken in that reply. I guess it would not hurt to down-sample the video. Half of the content is from a DV camcorder anyway. I jut started editing the Vado (720p) stuff and got concerned it was lossy, but in order to match, necessary, I suppose. Thanks for helping me think that through.


              FYI, the flip project profile works fine with the vado -- I have no issues editing or otherwise using the app with this content.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Personally, I'd be tempted to keep that HD Project, and just output FROM it, for inclusion in the SD Project. Down-rezzing at output will not do any more harm, than down-rezzing before Import. That way, you can just Archive that HD Project, in case you need to later revisit for a full HD Project later. At the very least, I'd archive the original material in HD, regardless of when I down-rez.


                Good luck, and it's great that you are planning this out. I've seen too many, who down-rez (convert) and then throw the HD stuff away. With file-based system, there is no good way to ever "go back." With HDV tape, one could always re-Capture for those tapes, but not with file-based workflows.