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    GTX 470 Connections

    Jay Knobbe Level 1

      I'm questioning how my GTX 470 card should be connected.

      Image 7172 shows the harness connectors from EVGA and they are missing a pin (correct, per manual)

      Image 7189 shows the harness from the CoolerMaster PSU but it has all the pins in it. This harness plugs into the PCIe side of the PSU

      Image 7178 shows the card, with all the pins in it.


      I would rather not use the wiring connectors I got from EVGA since each of the 2 connectors splits off into two 4 pin connectors for a total of 4 (molex?)


      Can I use the harness that came with the PSU as it is or do I need to cut the wire that corresponds to the missing pin in the EVGA harness?


      Maybe I'm just thinking too much but I would hate to see a plume of smoke coming from the case when I fire it up.


      I hope I am being clear as to my problem / question. This is the last hurdle to overcome before I turn it on. (I think)


      Thank you in advance.

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Your PSU should have atleast 2 of those 6 pin PCI-E connectors available. You don't need to cut off the extra 2 pin connector to use it. That is strictly for the bigger cards that require the 8Pin PCI-E connector.  Just plug in the 2x6 pin connectors and leave the 2 pin hanging.




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            Jay Knobbe Level 1

            Hi Eric,


            I understood I'm not using the attached 2 pin connectors, just the 6 pin connectors. What concerns me was the harnesses from my Coolermaster PSU has all 6 pins in each of the two 6 pin connectors vs the short stubby 6 pin connector harness that came with the EVGA card has only 5 pins on each of the two 6  pin connectors as noted in the EVGA manual. I hope this makes sense to those reading it.


            So do I use the PSU 6 pin harness as is? Having all 6 pins connected won't hurt anything?


            The connectors from EVGA are short and terminate into 4 pin molex connectots so I would need to use 4 additional cables to hook these up. Take a look at the pic and you'll see what I mean. I would prefer not connecting this way due to the additional harness clutter.