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    Since there's no other way to send feedback to Adobe ...


      and presuming that someone from Adobe at least occasionally reads these forums, I will leave my comments here.


      1. I just uninstalled Reader X and went back to 9.4. I use Vista 64-bit and Firefox 3.6.13, and I got tired of Reader X:

           a. It kept giving me some message about being already open when I wanted to look at a pdf file on a website. Since I didn't happen to have it open at those moments, I have to assume that it's not closing itself politely as it should.

           b. I really dislike the new look where it hides all the tools. The first time Reader X opened, I didn't even know I was in it, couldn't find the way to save the document to my PC, and had to open the document again before I figured out what was going on. There is such a thing as being too slick and smart for your own good, Children, and you've reached it.


      2. I'm really tired of Adobe Download Manager. I understand that there are lots of folks who are totally unaware of what to do and how to do it, but those of us who have been around since DOS 2 don't really need for you to hold our hands so much.It would be lovely to have the option of NOT having to allow you to download and install one application for the sole purpose of downloading another application.