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    FDS and Read-Only Properties


      I am pretty new to FDS and am trying to get it to work in my Object model. A few of my Java objects have read only properties. i.e. They only have a getter and not a setter. It seems that FDS doesn't really like this.

      When i use <mx:TraceTarget /> on the client, i get an error that says "Item retrieved from fill/page response from server is missing and id", and my client side object has a null id.

      My Java POJO object is not missing an id property. It has only a getId() property on the POJO, but not a setId property.

      As soon as I add a setId property, everything works fine and my id is populated on the client. For other reasons, i do not want to have a setter on all my POJOs. Is there a way to tell FDS that it is okay to have a read only property? I just want it to read the ID, and bring it down to the client.