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    D7000 yellowish cast using Adobe Standard on ACR 6.3


      Hi all


      I noticed time ago that color of my D7000's NEFs processed with ACR was a little off. After opening them and when in PS, I normally set a Hue correction of between -4 and -6 in PS.


      Las week I compared D7000 vs. D90, D300, and D700, and while the "old ones" gave same colour, difference of D7000 was obvious. Here is a comparison of D7000 vs. D300 changing color profile on ACR:




      Using Adobe Standard the difference is easy to notice, not so using Camera Standard (though still it is there). WB was set on white of newspaper, in same place for both cameras.


      I've changed defaults settings for my D7000 on ACR. adjusting Hue of yellows at -30 , Hue on Master Red at -20 , and Hue on Master Green at 10 , but wanted to know what is it there about this.


      Regards everybody (and happy new year!)



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          A very general comment:


          Rendered colors differ with different profiles, this is a given.


          Cameras of the same type can differ slightly from one another, lenses used differ...  It's not too surprising that when Adobe profiles them we see differences that manifest as color variation such as what you're showing.


          Adobe offers a tool through which you can profile your own camera, but what people often do is choose an out-of-box profile and save a set of defaults that gets the colors "close" and pleases them.  Then for each image they open they start with those defaults then tweak the sliders to taste.