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    Syncing projects on Mac/PC

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      We are editing on 3 PCs and one new Mac.  We currently have all the files hosted on a server that gets sync'd to the PCs' local drives (in our case, the R:\ drive).  When we open up projects, we are working locally.  Any changes made eventually get sync'd up to the other PCs' local drives.


      This works great because we don't have to do any relinking of footage if someone accesses the project from another machine since they all have the same file structure on R:\ drives.


      But with the Mac.... well, I don't know how to keep this system working.  Is there any way that the folder/file structure can work for both Mac and PC without having to relink it every time we go back and forth?  I can't  make an R:\ drive in Mac, so PP doesn't even know where to look for the files on the Mac and asks me to relink every time.


      Is there a way to structure a folder in Mac so it mimics my R:\ drive setup from Windows?


      Any suggestions?

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            I honestly dont know...but you might try talking to someone at the apple store or your local mac support guys..they might know right away.. due to the fcp and pp cross platform issues ..


            its just that most here are into this program and not necessarily into cross platform probs with sync like youre dealing with



            after all, part of the solution will have to do with your local network thing etc..and thats more into different things than your average " software" issues.. if you know what I mean ?  good luck...let us know how it goes cause maybe it could help others later on too.