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    How to search data with multiple parameters =SESSION

    Azhar Hussain Rana

      Dear Günter Schenk

      Please help

      I have two Tables with many fields

      1.       tbl_users

      2.       tbl_transection

      Now problem is that I want when user login he make search in " tbl_usr_transection " related its own Transactions other then he view all user data

      I have one column about user in transaction table i.e. "fld_transection_by"

      I am using SESSION to filter all transaction its related user and its working fine.


      <?php echo $_SESSION['login_id']; ?>=<?php echo $row_rstbl_transections[' fld_transection_by ']; ?>


      Now how to make search from filter rows in many field

      Please explain in detail

      Thanks in Advance