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    Reader Problems


      About 1 month before I upgraded from Adobe 9.4.1, I was having problems with "some" of my documents coming in without the toolbar; up until then EVERTHING came through in PDF that was PDF (i.e., toolbar was there, able to type forms that were PDF, etc.). On many PDF documents,  I get a overlay at the bottom right corner with options to enlarge/reduce the image in screen only.  No print or page up/down options.  Not all of my PDF documents would come through that way however - very confusing.  Thought maybe at first it was the website I was receiving documents from.  So I uninstalled that version & downloaded Reader X.  I still have the same problem.  I went to the preferences & unchecked the "read only" option on internet & it doesn't seem to help.    I have downloaded documents before that were PDF formatted and now Reader X won't open them - error message:  "There was an error opening this document.  The file is damaged and cannot be repaired."  I have saved those files to my Picasa 3 picture files and can view the picture okay, but not the instructions that went with the file.  Any suggestions please.