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    Undo applying a theme to a project?


      Hi. I have just started using themes to create instant movies from selected clips using PRE 9. I added some clips and got a cool instant movie but have realized I didn't refine the content of he source clips to use to meet the spirit of the theme. I want to modify the source clips to use to narrow down the source video to use. I don't see a way to 'undo" or "reverse" the application of the the them to the project so I can try regenerating a 2nd pass at the resulting instant movie. Breaking apart the resulting instant movie clip doesn't take me back to the pre-theme state of the project. Is there a way to do this or in the do I just need to save a copy of a pre-themed project to allow this type of refinement to the instant movie created by applying the theme? Thanks!

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          If you apply a theme to a sert of movie clips you can usually undo the theme by hitting the undo button at the top right of your project window or by hitting >ctrl + Z. But once you close and re-open your project, that option is not available any more. You could check your Auto save folder inside your project folder and see if you have a previously saved version before you applied the theme. This will of course only be posible if you have auto save turned on.

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            As I do not use Themes/Instant Movies much (mainly just to experiment for this forum), others will have to "fill in the blanks." However, one can Break Apart an Instant Movie, so that the various Effects, and elements can be adjusted, altered, or individually removed. This is somewhat similar to Breaking Apart a SlideShow transfered from PSE to PrE.


            Themes are the application of a set of Effects, often some Audio, etc., and when Broken Apart, those elements can be edited.


            To find the location, operations, and limitations of Break Apart, I would search the Help files for that term, "break apart," and probably under "themes," or "instant movies." In the meantime, I would expect that others will be able to point you directly to that command, and tell you exactly what you can do.


            I can also anticipate that the only real issue would be where the Theme has applied Keyframes that ramp up/down over the Duration of a Clip. One might have move those Keyframes too, if they alter the Duration of a Clip. This would be done from the Effects Control Panel, accessed by first Selecting a Clip and then going to Edit Effects.


            Good luck, and Happy New Year, plus welcome to the forum,