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    tethering a Canon 5D on Windows 7 quesiton

    MarkCoons Level 1

      Is there a way to use a Canon 5D tethered to LR 3.3 on Windows 7 Professional (32bit)?


      Here is what happens: When the Communication setting (in the 5D) is set to Print/PTP Windows 7 sees the 5D  and says it has installed the driver. Lightroom 3 sees the 5D in this setting and say  that tethering is ready to go but the camera will not shoot in this mode  as it is BUSY. When I switch the communication setting in the camera to PC Connect LR says that no camera is found.


      Works great on my XP laptop (or did until it died) so I am thinking this is a Win 7 driver problem. Has anyone tethered their 5D on a Windows 7 system?