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    Flex 3: How to pass Object on ViewStack children

    jack182 Level 1



      I am a bit new to flex. I have this problem with ViewStack.


      I have a viewstack that has 3 children:














      <mx:ViewStack id="bookContent">

        <mx:Canvas id="canvas1"/>

        <mx:Canvas id="canvas2"/>

        <mx:Canvas id="canvas3"/>





      While I am in canvas3, when i pressed a buton it will go to canvas2, I want to pass an object to canvas2 and execute some method. Since canvas2 is not yet created and the complete event will be fired after the component is completed. I don't want to use [Bindable] annot variable to pass to canvas2 property.


      How can fire another event aside from complete event to pass the through custom event?

      Or is there a better way to pass around object between ViewStack children?


      Thanks a lot.