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    Recording input from a stereo amplifier


      I originally purchased Adobe 1.5 to be able to record/clean up tracks from my old records, cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes and my

      Sony minidisk recorder.  At that time, I had a Dell computer with Windows '98 operating system, subsequently upgraded to Windows XP.

      I would use a patch cord with RCA plugs on one end to connect to the L & R TAPE REC OUT outputs on the back of my stereo amplifier.

      The computer end of the patch cord was a stereo 3.5 mini phono plug.  Having selected line input on the computer, I would start an Audition

      stereo recording, then activate the track on the turntable or tape deck.  Everything worked fine.


      I have hesitated to switch to an Apple computer because Audition was not an available option.  However, when the beta MAC version

      of Audition was offered, I decided to take the plunge.  I was very diappointed to find that I couldn't make recordings, in the way described

      above, using my old stereo amplifier, my new iMAC computer and Audition 3.0.  A stereo track can be recorded, but the sound is very

      distorted and metallic sounding.  What am I doing wrong?


      Old and New system details:


      Dell Dimension 5150 computer

      Windows '98 and XP operating systems

      stereo 3.5 mini phono input jack

      Audition 1.5


      Apple iMAC 11,2

      Mac OS X 1.1.1 operating system

      stereo 3.5 mini phono jack

      beta version of Audition 3.0 for MAC

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          The issue you describe seems an impedance adaptation problem. If you can afford for I recommend the use of an specific appliance.

          I have been testing a lot of mountings for doing vinyl & tape recording (I have about 3000).

          My target was to record at 96 KHz and 24 bits. What I tested is:

          - Behringer FCA202 which is a ADC & DAC converter with firewire connection at a good price (less than 100 $).

          - Apogee Duet. Also a firewire ADC & DAC appliance. It is an appliance with a outstanding audiophile sound. Do a WEB search to have details. Price is about 500 $, a bargain considering very high quality sound.

          Both works fine with OS X and Audition for Mac.

          On audition you can record in 32 bits, apply effects and store in 24 bits at the end with dithering activated. This gives geat results.

          Note that these two devices performs ADC and DAC functions.


          Hope this helps

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            This is not an Audition problem. I forget what features OSX 10.1 had, but in modern versions of OSX, you can choose between LINE and MIC in System Prefs. You're obviously using the MIC setting where LINE is really what you need to use for amplifier signal levels.


            I do the same things that you do (clean up records and tapes). To echo the previous poster, the best way BY FAR is to digitize with an external box. I use a Roland UA-4FX (about $150). It's USB. It does a great job and is compatible with all of my Macs and PeeCees. Also works with Audition 1.5 and 4.0 beta without complaining. I don't know if it will work under OS 10.1, though.