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    Importing Powerpoint to Premiere like this?

    mentlity Level 1

      I have a video project that requires me to import a powerpoint presentation along with an After Effects file, Flash file and some jpg stills with a narrated audio track. I had a question about importing the ppt file since Pr does not allow ppt import I converted the ppt to an .mov and imported that. The storyboard calls for a freeze of certain ppt frames as the original ppt was used manually and could be stopped and started that way. Once in Prthe ppt has to run then stop for a certain time to sync the narration so this is what I'm doing but I thought I'd stop to see if there was a better way. In the source monitor I  selected the in and out points of the frame I need to display from the ppt, drag into Pr and just copy those frames until I need to import the next section.


      Is this the correct way to do this?


      I could have imported the still frames from the ppt as pdf's or jpgs but would still have to copy over the amount of time they need to display.


      Any pointers here?


      Happy New Year.