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    Can I select a rectangle in pdf document, identify the bounds, and then retrieve the text with vba?


      I am using MS Access 2010 VBA and acrobat X, and AcroExchg.  I can manipulate and search pdf documents without difficulty.  I would like to programmatically capture the text in a rectangle that I have drawn on the document with a mouse.  It appears that If I can obtain the bounding rectangle that I could use AcroExchg.PDTextSelect to retrieve the text.  Is there a way to retrieve the coordinates of a mouse drawn rectangle in a pdf document.  In other words the equivalent of select, copy and later paste the text into another document?


      Message was edited by: jgm835 I have reviewed posts from the adobe forum that indicate that obtaining the coordinates from a user drawn selection are not available through automation with AcroExch, but that function would be available .through a plug in.  Unless there is information to the contrary I will look to using menu commands in Acrobat