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    AE crashes every click

    stationarymotionOKC Level 1

      I've aged quite a bit this year with After Effects issues and problems, but this one today is going to make the rest of my hair fall out.


      I'm creating a video for a client, it's 960px wide, 480px tall and so far I've only imported 2 audio files from a Video CoPilot collection and 20 png graphics. The video uses the Sure Target plug-in from VideoCoPilot (which I've used many times before, successfully). Last night, I was able to preview the video and watch it fly through all of the graphics at the full resolution. This morning, I imported one more audio file (from the same group, music I've used before) and now AE crashes literally on every click I make.


      I can open AE no problem, the file is in the Welcome screen, I open it and everything seems fine, I click anywhere in AE and I get the blue 'wait a second' circle in Windows 7, if I click again, AE fades out with the white overlay (as if it's crashing). After 3-5 minutes, the white overlay goes away but I never lose the blue circle and if I click anywhere, the white overlay is back. If I click to close the program it tells me that AE is crashing and to either close the program or wait for it to respond. The only thing I've been able to do is check the version number and once get to the preferences.


      The quick responses I've had on Twitter from @AdobeAE have led me here, initially, they suggested this page : http://forums.adobe.com/thread/543440 where I double checked everything and made a few adjustments. Nothing changed from those links sadly. I have always had a hard time previewing video and the RAM preview has always been a thorn in my editing process, but now, I'm unable to proceed at all with a major deadline looming in less than 48 hours.


      Specs : CS4 Master Collection, Windows 7, i7 processor, 8gb of memory (Gateway FX6840)


      Thank you for any assistance you can provide, this one has me totally stumped.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Here are the first few things that spring to mind:


          Have you installed the After Effects CS4 (9.0.3) update? That update fixes a lot of problems.


          Are you using OpenGL? If so, don't. See this document.


          If you have Aero enabled in Windows 7, turn it off.


          Try without the audio file that you added right before the problem arose. Try without Sure Target. Make sure that you have the msot current version of Sure Target.

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            stationarymotionOKC Level 1

            I am running the version


            I have unchecked 'Enable OpenGL' on the Preview page of the Preferences.

            I have disabled the all the Aero functionality I was able to locate.


            Will restart AE and report back.


            Thank you for such a fast response.

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              stationarymotionOKC Level 1

              No clue what caused the issue, but after adjusting the things above, I tried clicking through multiple projects and the only one that was STILL giving me issues was my current one.


              Others involving full resolution HDV footage were fine, so I did a screen grab to remember my Sure Target settings, and then deleted it out of the comp and now I can scrub through it and click options and it doesn't crash.


              Prior to cleaning up these other issues, it wasn't working in any project but following your advice, it appears I can get back to work. Thank you for your help! I'll for sure be back here to learn but hopefully not have to ask any more questions!