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    PRE9: No Sound on Second Exported Blu-Ray

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      Hi Folks,


      I hope you can help me with the following:  I've created a project with 1920x1080 material out of a Sony video camera. When I exported my project to my BD-RE for proofing, everything was ok.  The video was of the expected quality with sound present (original sound recorded with the video).  Without changing anything to the project, I burned two more 'real' blu-rays.  No re-rendering was required. These two blu-rays have, to my surprise, no sound at all.  Checking the discs with a software player, it became apparent that no audio was recorded at all.  I didn't touch or change a thing in Premiere Elements.  What am I doing wrong?



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          What brand of blank media did you use for the faulty BD?


          Good luck,



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            Hello Bill,


            I use blanks from 'MediaRange' (probably a German generic brand) together with an LG BH10LS, but I don't believe that this is my problem.  This morning, I've deleted all render files and had Premiere Elements write my project directly to a MediaRange blank without first using my proofing BD-RE.  This time, I had sound!


            My workaround for now: first I export my project to blu-ray, then I copy the files from the blu-ray to hard disc.  The consecutive discs I burn with Nero with all the riscs involved with the settings there.  Apparently, I'm doing it correctly.  My blu-rays play on an old Pansonic and a new Philips player.


            I apparently have some incompatibility in my hardware somewhere. But as nice as a direct export out of Premiere Elements would be, I can live with my Nero- workaround.


            Thanks for your help!