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    Running AE 7.0 pro... just got new computer... crashing


      Hi Folks,


      I have been using AE 7.0 professional successfully for several years now on an iMac that was five years old.  My  iMac just died and I got a brand new one.  My AE opens just fine (I was wondering if I was going to have to upgrade).  I've actually used AE a few times but it has a tendency to  crash for no apparent reason.  The stuff I'm working with isn't  all that complicated (just some video footage I got from the Footage Firm and a text layer).  And when I try to render and output even 30 seconds of my project, it crashes before the render is complete.


      The older slower computer had no problems but my newer faster one seems to be bogged down. 


      I'm not especially jazzed about spending $300 on an upgrade seeing as how I just spent $2,000 on my computer but if that's the only way I can keep working, so be it.


      Any clues as to a quick fix  might  be able to try?  Do any  of you more knowledgeable folks out there than me (that would be all of you, most likely) have an idea as to why  this might be happening?


      Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide.