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    Playback lagging, organizer play same file perfectly?! PE9


      I'm new with this software and need help...


      When I play a video in organizer everything play well, video and audio is sync. But when I'm in premiere element 9, the playback is lagging like hell but only the image, the sound is perfect. When I started the video 2-3 seconds is perfect but after this you see the video lagging a lot, In the beginning of the project I put the correct specification for the video but I really don't understand what happen, I meet the hardware specification


      If somebody can help me it will be very apreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Can you give us some more info? This ARTICLE will give you tips on what would be so useful, and even how to gather some of that.


          Both the Organizer and the Source Monitor are simple players, while the Program Monitor is showing what is on the Timeline, to be edited. There is a great deal of difference between simple playback and editing. The full specs. of your source footage, the Project Preset and your computer, will very likely point to the issues.


          Good luck, and welcome to the forum.



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            dessxx78 Level 1

            Thank you for your help


            My computer is a HP pavilion M8000n,

            OS : Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bits with all updates

            HDD : 500GB Sata 7200 rpm,

            External HDD, HP Personnal Media Drive 500GB, Hi speed USB

            graphic card : Asus EN9600GT silent, PCI Express, 512 MB

            processor AMD ATHLON 64 X2 Dual-core 5200+  2.6 GHz, 1MB+1MB L2 cache, 2000 Mhz system Bus

            4GB DDR2-SDRAM

            Audio Realtek High Definition system

            Lightscribe DVD burner,


            The media I try to work with was a movie capture from my new sony camera HDR-CX350V, the video properties was 1440X1080/60i. The file had 52mb...

            the file extension was .m2ts.


            I have try too a mpeg file that work well with windows movie maker :-l


            When  I want play my file in the playback of APE 9 the video is lagging but only the image because the sound is perfect. I try the same file in PMB (picture motion browser) that came with my cam I had no lagging I know it's only a player, but my computer had what APE 9 required to run...


            I really don't know where and how to start...

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Yours is a multi-format camcorder. But, if you want to edit in Premiere Elements, you're likely going to have to shoot in FX  mode. Is this the case in this situation?


              When you set up your Premiere Elements project, did you select the project preset for AVCHD 1920x1080 stereo? Did you use Premiere Elements 9's Video Importer (Get Media/From Flip, AVCHD Camcorder) to bring your video from your camcorder into your project? Have you ensured that, when you started your Premiere Elements project, you created a new folder for new project? (I walk you through all these steps in my books, by the way.0


              You'll know you've selected the right project setting because, when you place your clips on your timeline, there will not be a red line above them. Is that the case for you?


              Have you ensured your external drive is formatted NTFS rather than FAT32, as they are from the factory?

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                A Duo-core CPU is likely to have issues with that footage playing smoothly. Also, are the media files on your USB external? If so, the USB 2.0 connection is not going to be helpful for smoothest playback, as it is very slow.


                Good luck,



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                  dessxx78 Level 1

                  The camcorder was set to shoot in FH, because Sony write in the user manual that FX is only to make blu ray movie and not AVCHD disk. The file was imported from the by the camcorder software that is PMB ( picture motion browser).


                  I try too with mpeg file extracted easily by copy paste with a JVC everio Camcorder, same problem. I understand maybe my computer is a limit accptable, but in the past I have done couple job with Windows Movie Maker and I be able to do video with these file (mpeg).

                  When I purchased my camcorder I purchase the software too, but now is a big problem for me to not be able to made a video with this computer. I don't use the external HDD for the video, I try but with no success.. when I set-up APE9 I set to 1440 X 1080/ 30i(60i) Stereo sound. that is the format of my .m2ts file properties..

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                    VDOSurfer Level 3

                    I have not understood the problem correctly.


                    1. Is your issue that the Video does not playback smoothly, in which case also the audio will "seem" to be out of sync?

                    2. Is your issue that the video plays back smoothly and after sometime the audio stops being in sync with the video?


                    If your problem is 1, do you see a red line above the clip on the timeline? If you do, the playback cannot be real time, at least it is not expected to be.. Do you see the same problem after rendering? (Click on the clip on the timeline and press Enter)


                    If your problem is 2,

                    a. Empty the timeline and bring one of the problematic clips to the timeline (This should switch project to native settings)

                    b. Right click on the monitor and change the playback settings to "Automatic", if it was not Automatic already

                    c. Let us know if the Audio Video sync happens only with this camera files or does it happen with other files within Premiere Elements 9

                    d. Do you have the patch installed? (Help -> Updates)