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    Media Encoder Audio Distortion


      I have been trying to get my settings correct for the media encoder to not distort the audio on certain video samples. It seems to be slowing down the audio so it sounds very low on DiVX5.0 Video codecs but not others. I could not find a support forum for the Encoder, so I am posting here.


      Can anyone help me with any references or resources for making the encoder not distort the audio samples when converting video files? I have tried multiple transcode settings and the distortion seems to be source dependent. Some files work, some do not.


      Is there some sort of work around, like extracting the audio, then repasting it to the converted video? Or converting my DiVX5.0 files to a more compatible format? That's all I can think of right now, but I would much rather modify the settings within the Encoder to work correctly the first time through. Perhaps some sort of divx5.0 plugin? I will be looking for more solutions. In the meantime, any help would be greatly appreciated.