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    I  need help with Shatter effect


      For the first time in my life I've chosen this effect. I'll be quick, I need to blow up Moon, but when I put shatter to it I can't see the moon anymore, I tweaked those settings, nothing. I can only see the trajectory of Moon's revolution I created. Any help tweaking those settings?

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          There are resources here that show you how to use the Shatter effect.


          You description of your problem isn't very clear (Screenshots help.), but I'll venture a guess:


          You haven't set View to Rendered in the Effect Controls panel for the effect. So, you're just seeing the wireframe representation of the forces and such.


          Please, do us all a favor and read the documentation for features before using them and while you use them. There's a search box in the upper-right of the application window.

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            bogiesan-xSdJwH Level 1

            I started using Shatter when Brian first released it in the Atomic Power series (Or was that Atomic Energy? So long ago and so many updates!). I love it. Brian invested a full hour of Total Training VHS time trying to explain the basic operations; just the basics. Advanced applications required another two hours of material. It's a shame those tutorials aren't archived on Total Training's site or here at Adobe.


            So I got three hours of material from the guy who invented the plugin and I've used Shatter on hundreds of projects since then. And every time I apply it, I look at the dozens of controls and think, "Holy crap!"


            There's nothing easy about Shatter. Nothing. But it will become a favorite of yours after you invest twenty or thirty hours learning how to use it.