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    Backup on Save!! Please!

    AlexMxi Level 1

      Please! Over the years of working with different versions of Photoshop, once in a while, I have an issue with my computer freezing during saving of large multilayered 16bit TIFF files (usually 500MB or more). I don't know where the problem lies. Whether it's the Windows or hardware or PS fault, though it happend on different hardware, windows and PS versions. But as a result, after restarting the computer I find that the file is corrupted with only 5-10% of it saved and the rest is blank. Which means that several hours of retouching work is lost.


      Please, add an option in preferences to back up files on save. Could be as simple as renaming the previous file and saving a new one and only when it's saved and checked for consistency the renamed file can be deleted (optionally into the recycling bin). Or just having a single backup copy of the last saved file.



      The amount of work I lost on saving files, in the last 4 years, can be counted in days.

      I really hope this issue will be addressed.


      Thank you,


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          If the whole computer freezes or reboots - then you're looking at deep OS, driver or hardware problems.


          Photoshop does a safe save - so the old file is not replaced until the newly written file is complete.

          But if you are having serious hardware/system problems - then even that may not be safe, and a backup on save wouldn't be either.

          Saving to a different filename each time, and making frequent system backups, are probably your best bet until you find the cause of the system issues.

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            AlexMxi Level 1

            Chris, I know, the problem is probably on my end, even though this problem occures only when saving large files in PS and only about once a week. I might never find the cause of it, but I've found many other threads on the internet with people experiencing similar problems.


            What I am asking is an option to automatically backup or just rename a file before saving. What can be easier? That's what I am doing manually right now before I save a large file.

            Currently it's not possible to recover data if a file gets corrupted.


            For instance:

            I have a file image1.tif. When I modify it in PS and click save, image1.tif gets renamed into image1.bak and a new image1.tif is written.

            Even if the new file gets corrupted, the old one is still there with *.bak extension.


            There are many other ways to do it, but it's an essential option to have.


            Thank you,


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              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9
              What I am asking is an option to automatically backup or just rename a file before saving.

              You might be able to create a Script that duplicates the file and link that to the Save-operation with the Script Events Manager – though I have not tested that …

              Or you could do a Script that renames the original file and does a Save As and assign it a shortcut in Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

              This could of course create a lot of duplicates and thus bite into your disc-space.

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                AdrenalStimuli Level 1

                I feel that this is an Extremely easy thing to implement.  This function is available on almost every other graphical application commonly in use.  I agree that it NEEDS to be implemented.


                Work arounds are great, but forcing an artist to script something for a function that every other program has is, I feel, ludicrous.