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    Creating a real estate website on Adobe Fireworks?


      I have been developing a real estate website on fireworks. Does anyone know to publish this site do I have to go through dreamweaver or can I publish directly from fireworks?


      Also does anyone know how I can make the Text Area Search box live so my clients can search by areas?

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          What you want to do is not a simple as you believe it to be.  Even

          a very simple webpage, forgetting about a website for a moment,

          is a combination of images, ( you can build these in FW ), HTML,

          and CSS. So in most cases, if not all, a web page has 3 items

          listed in the previous sentence.  DW can upload a web page

          to a web server, but from what you have below you would be uploading

          a png or jpg file that represents how a web page could look. This would do you no good.


          It sounds like to me what you need, I have listed below:

          1.  Hand off the image you have created to someone who knows

          how to create a website based on what you have created in FW.


          2. Learn how to get your FW image transformed into a website.


          I strongly suggest you go with option 1.


          The other option would be to find out more about say WordPress

          or other ways to walk you step by step to build a site using some sort

          of website creation wizard.