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    Lingo with 3DPI




      I am using 3DPI to sort out my 3D scene. I have many members in it to manipulate but need to be pointed in the right direction before I get started.


      Firstly, using Lingo how would I change the position of one of the members within the 3D scene, and then assign it to an animation using bones.


      And also, is it possible to to set a start and end point of a member and then make them move from one to the other whist having a repeated animation for example, someone walking.


      Finally, any advice or knowledge on whether this can be done would be really helpful: having a member (a person) pick up and object and throwing it and have someone else catch it, but a chance of not catching it


      Many thanks!

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          tyree_2 Level 2

          you can make the character/object a child of an animated object. you can use the 3dpi to change the position of an object. why dont you just import a walk animation that loops

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            Super_Noodles Level 1

            Thanks for the quick reply.


            I have been able to move objects using 3DPI, but the user is in control of where the object needs to be. There are only a few places where the object can start and it is controlled using a drop-down list. So when an item in the list is selected the object needs to move to required co-ordinates (preferably by walking from the initial start point to the point as set by the drop-down list.


            I hadn't thought about simply a looping animation. Is it possible to use that and have a stationary pose too? So that a character will move and play a walking animation when the user presses and holds the up arrow on the keyboard?


            Many Thanks

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              tyree_2 Level 2

              that wouldnt be a problem at all. you wouldnt be able to make any games if that wasnt possible


              to some degree this uses it