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    500 fps when imorting mp4 video from Nokia N8


      When I import video from Nokia N8 (.mp4) to PrE9 it detects the frame rate to 500 fps and clip length is reduced. The clip plays sluggish and too fast. Sound is normal except only a brief part of it is played. The clip plays normally in VLC, Quicktime, Win media player.


      GSpot report:


      FILE_NAME                      20101230011.mp4
      FILE_NAME_WITH_PATH            C:\Users\Uffe\Videos\Mobil\2010-12\20101230011.mp4
      FILE_SIZE                      26,339,727
      CONT_BASETYPE                  Undetermined MP4 (.MP4) file
      CONT_TOTAL_BITRATE             0
      VIDEO_BITRATE                  10855
      VIDEO_CODEC_NAME               H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
      VIDEO_CODEC_STATUS             Codec Status Undetermined
      VIDEO_CODEC_TYPE               avc1
      VIDEO_DAR                      1.778
      VIDEO_DURATION                 0:19.185
      VIDEO_FRAME_COUNT              477
      VIDEO_FRAMES_PER_SEC           24.979
      VIDEO_PICS_PER_SEC             24.979
      VIDEO_QF                       0.472
      VIDEO_SAR                      1.778
      VIDEO_SIZE_X                   1280
      VIDEO_SIZE_Y                   720
      AUDIO_BITRATE                  128
      AUDIO_CHANNEL_COUNT            2
      AUDIO_CODEC                     mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC
      AUDIO_CODEC_STATUS             Codec Status Undetermined
      AUDIO_SAMPLE_RATE              48000


      Any idea? Adobe codec?


      My config: HP EliteBook 6930p, Win7 64bit.