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    Exported Blu-ray clip duration report is shorter than actual duration


      The heading Title above is not clear, so let me explain my probem.  I realize this is a CS5 forum, but the problem I'm having in CS3 hopefully has been addressed in 5.  Only somone with CS5 would be able to answer my question I think.


      I have various HD clips captured off HDV tape with HDV split.  I then import these m2t files directly into a PremPro CS3 sequence.  Other than clipping, I'm not doing any editing, color correction etc. or transitions.  Just plain, though clipped parts.  I've created a clip that is 20 sec in length, and it plays back well.  I do have to render it.  I've tried 60 sec clips too, all with the same result.


      Using the export to Adobe Media Encoder (and Export to Encore as well), I'm using MPEG2 Blu-ray Quality 5, NTSC and 1440x1080p 23.976, and 16x9 ratio.  In the Output tab I've checked "deinterlace" as my footage is interlaced.  (I've also deinterlaced each clip individually on some of my tests... much quicker though from the Encoder tab).


      Click OK and after a couple of minutes, the two files exported are a video m2v file and its corresponding wav sound file.  Windows Explorer reports the time duration of the wav file correctly: 20 secs.  However the video m2v files is shown as 16 seconds, 4 seconds shorter than the sequence actually is.


      If I play the m2v file using Media Player, it actually plays for the full 20 seconds, not just the 16 reported.  So, although there is a time discrepancy, playback is full and fully synced with the sound.


      But here is where this discrepancy becomes a problem:  If I import these two files into ProShow Producer for slides, when I insert the m2v file as a layer onto a blank slide, it comes in at 16 seconds, not the full 20.  So even though the full video plays in the Windows Media Player, it will not once it's in ProShow.  I can add more time to the slide, but the clip is still only 16 seconds.


      At first I thought the problem was with ProShow, but now I do not.  I think it's in the Adobe export process.  BTW, the same sequence exported as just mpeg, Windows says it's the full 20 seconds, and ProShow imports it fully with no clipping at the end.  ProShow imports whatever time Windows says the clip is.


      I would be willing to upgrade to CS5 if I knew for sure that I wouldn't continue to have this same problem.  I did try the CS5 trial, only to discover that the trail version does not export blu-ray due to " licensing issues."   Only the full purchased product will, so I can't test this on my own.


      So, I'm hoping someone here can help or offer suggestions.  I've spent over 2 days trying to figure this all out, and I'm convinced it has to do with Adobe... and hopefully just CS3.  I'm getting a bit frustrated.