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    PE7 problems with .MOV files


      I recently purchased two Tachyon XC helmet cams (I've had them for years now) but the new ones are HD models and record in .H264 MOV format. The old ones were .avi files.  I can pull the SD cards and watch the video in Quicktime but it's hit and miss as to what PE7 will import using the "Get media" function. I reformatted the cards to no avail.. I tried converting the files after wasting my $30 on the Quicktime Pro upgrade, it degraded and posterized the video real bad.

      Any other converts did the same thing.. just degraded the quality..


      I have the latest Quicktime player.. I tried reinstalling the PE7 and that never worked.. If i take some short "test" clips and try and import them into PE7 they show up as a Black square and when I pull them into the story line the are like a 3 second empty clip.. thats the same thing it does with the 29 minute clips i had been trying to import for the helmet cams..


      What am i missing here? One SD had six 20 minute MOV clips and imported fine.. the other had five 20minute MOV clips and I can't import them to edit..


      here is a screen shot both are .MOV files... both are from new SD cards... both are viewable in Quicktime.. HELP! I'm going nuts!!! Thanks in advance! http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a38/peeweethepinstriper/photo.jpg



      Dell insperion 530

      core 2 duo CPU

      E4500 @ 2.2ghz

      1.58ghz  3.0gb RAM

      Windows XP sp3

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          Since this is for a different make of helmet cam, the tips might not apply, but take a look at this ARTICLE.


          I am surprised that QT Pro did not work well with those files, as it normally does, and is a top recommended program around here. Unfortunately, many camera mfgrs. play fast, and loose with some CODEC's. Their implementation can cause all sorts of issues.


          Good luck,



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            savage40 Level 1

            Thank you I read over that.. I'm gonna try and open a video in QT..


            Then "export" and change the extension to "MP4"............... THAT DIDN'T WORK.. it imported the Audio only but no video.. ;(


            and see what that does... I wonder why some clips are able to import right in as MOV file and others not? What I would really like to do is just import them and start editing as usual..


            Any other have any ideas?

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              savage40 Level 1

              Okay heres what seems to work..


              if i take the video that won't import into PE7..... and open it in Quicktime, then trim just a few frames off it at the beginning and the end.. close and save my changes..

              I then can drag the clip into PE7 and begin editing.. What a pain! ;-[

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                So very much of the success of editing depends on the camera mfgr., and how they implement various CODEC's. I feel that too many do not consider the editability of the resultant footage, as they are expecting the users to just upload to YouTube, or play on the TV.


                Good luck, and at least you have found a viable workflow.