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    changing audio

    Geo mazz Level 1

      I have the audio from the original video but I want to silence3 this and put my own

      mp3 on - just downloaded the trial version - adn having trouble finding out how to do this.


      I was able to add something called smart audio (or something like that) - but both the original audio and this play at the same time.  Would rather not use the smart audio - would like to import my own MP3 and silence the audio on the original recording - but the mute doesn;'t seem to work


      HELP PLEASE! ! !




      (also any tips on resources to learn how to use this would be appreciated - version 9)

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          First, I would first convert the MP3 to PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit, as MP3 Audio can cause all sorts of problems. If you do not have an audio-editor already, think about the great, free Audacity.


          Then, Import that resultant WAV file into PrE, drag it to a free Audio Track. Go to Window>Audio Mixer, and open that Panel. Go to the original Audio Track, and just Mute.


          An alternative would be to Alt-click on that Audio, and simply Delete, but I like to keep the mixed Audio around, just in case, though I do not plan on using it.


          Good luck,




          PS - I would drag that WAV file to a regular, empty Audio Track, and not to the fixed Soundtrack Track, as some users have had issues with that, and also Narration Track.

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            Geo mazz Level 1

            Thanks Hunt - but forgive

            me - I am a true noob.

              I don;t know HOW to import the wav file - I don;t see any import file menu

            If I was able to import it - I donlt know HOWQ to drag/drop it into an audio track - I only see "soundtrack" and "Narration"

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Sorry for not providing the steps. You will go to the Get Media tab, and then choose Files/Folders, and navigate to the location of that WAV file.


              Good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                When just starting out with PrE, I strongly recommend Steve Grisetti's Basic Training series on Muvipix.


                Then, he has a Learning Series on Muvipix, free to subscribers.


                Next, he has some great PrE books, from the basic, to his Tips & Tricks, which will take one from the early steps of creating a Project correctly, all the way though applying some very creative Effects, and outputting to various media.


                Along the way, if one gets stuck, this forum is a great place to come, and you also have the benefit of the author of those books and articles, in residence!


                Good luck,



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                  Geo mazz Level 1

                  Thanks for being so patient with me Hunt.  We are almost there I hope.  I now have the audio wav file visible in my m

                  edia.  But I don;t know where to drag and drop it.  I can drag and drop it to Soundtrack - but I don;t see any "audio1"

                  or "Audio 2" unless I open the mixer - and that won;t let me drag anything into it.


                  Also - if I do drag it to the "soundtrack" and disable audio 1 in the miser and bring "soundtrack" to the foreground  - I still hear both the original audio and the new wav file.

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    If you scroll up/down in your Timeline, you will likely see Audio 1 (with Video 1), Audio 2 (with Video 2), and Audio 3 (with Video 3). You will also see the two fixed Audio Tracks, Soundtrack and Narration. If you only have the muxed Audio Clips from your Video Clips, they should be on Audio 1 (unless it's 5.1 and you did not set that in the Project Preset). If you do not see Audio 2 & Audio 3, it is very likely that they are hidden, and you will just need to scroll (Scroll Bars to the far right of the Timeline) to see them.


                    You will ONLY use the Audio Mixer to Mute the Audio on Audio 1 (or where you have the muxed Audio from your Video). You cannot drag anything to the Audio Mixer. As PrE does not allow one to Mute from the Timeline's Track Header (like PrPro can), the Audio Mixer is the right choice there.


                    Good luck, and look for those Scroll Bars to get to Audio Tracks 2 - 3.



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                      Geo mazz Level 1

                      Thanks again Hunt - don;t know what I would do without your help!


                      I had it on sceneline instead of timeline so never saw the different audios.  Once I changed that I was able to drag/drop.


                      The only issue was I could never mute the original audio.  I would check mute and them go and play it and it would still be there. then when I opened audio mixer again there was no check mar on the mute.   I wound up having to delete the original audio

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Glad that you found the Timeline View Mode. I had not considered Sceneline. My bad.


                        As for why Audio Mixer did not stick with the Mute, is a mystery to me. At least you were able to use method #2.


                        Good luck, and thanks for reporting,