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    Premiere elements 8 - sick of battling with this program

    djskulli Level 1

      I've had it for months, its never worked right.  Yes I did the updates, Yes I checked my drivers, i've done everything suggested on this forum and others and it still gets a big ol' FAIL.


      This program constantly crashes, its is SO slow, the tracking is always off...


      what I really need here, is some advice as to how I get my money back, this program was a complete waste of money not to mention all the wasted HOURS i've spent battling with it trying to get it to work, or waiting for it to catch up.


      All in all, I think adobe needs to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch.  Give us a program that is fast, easy and doesn't Seize up every two minutes!


      Oh, and PS - I asked them for the version 9 update and evidently I bought this at the wrong time.  Gawd forbid Adobe just helps me make it work!



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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortunately, you have had PrE 8 for more than 30 days, which is the limit of Adobe's policy.


          I'd look at selling it on eBay.


          Good luck,



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            the_wine_snob Level 9
            Gawd forbid Adobe just helps me make it work!


            Now, you are not talking to Adobe here, but just users.


            If you wish to get PrE 8 working for you, I'd start with this ARTICLE. The more info that you can provide, the greater the chance is, that users here can help, and the easier it will be for them to do so.


            Good luck,



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              djskulli Level 1

              Bill...  you seem to have a real handle on this program, you've given great advice to many people, including me, in the past.


              I have to ask, can you, do you, really run this program completely problem free?  As in, its fast, never freezes, tracks perfect with footage and music on playback?


              I just dont understand what else i can do, i've tried everything!  And, i've spent hours, literally, just battling, restarting, losing work, saving on every move...  meanwhile my friends on final cut or just editing circles around me!



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I only have PrE 4.0, which has been trouble-free for me. The only crashes that I have had, were when I did things that I knew better, than to do. Think I've had 3 crashes, and all came when I did not prepare for an editing session, 'cause I thought the Project would be simple and small, and went about multi-tasking, while editing. Even on my rather stout laptop, that does not always work out, but when I stopped, performed the tasks in my Clean, Lean... ARTICLE, it worked perfectly. Like I said, I knew better, but thought that I could sneak by.


                Now, though I have not used PrE 7, 8, or 9 yet, many users have, and on various OS's. Just from general observations, it does seem that PrE 8 had more problems, than earlier, or later versions. Some of that could well have been due to several new drivers from both nVidia and ATI (now AMD), at the time of release. Some things changed with the graphic card industry, but Adobe did issue an update, to give more stability, due to graphics card issues, plus a few other fixes. Was that enough? For some, that did the trick, but there were still others, who did not have the good luck.


                In general, when starting to troubleshoot issues, I follow this list:


                1. System - more than minimum stated system requirements is important, and I think that tuning that system is even more important, than some of the hardware.
                2. Assets - the material used is so very, very important.
                3. Project Preset - this must match the Assets 100%, or there will be issues.
                4. OE - often, one is just doing something the wrong way, and a change in workflow, or operations, can solve issues.


                Now with that said, it does seem that when all those were taken care of, and out of the way, some users still had issues with PrE 8. Remember, that is not a control experiment, but just seat-of-the-pants feelings from this, and several other fora. Just did not seem to be as trouble-free, as it should have been. Were I faced with picking up a copy of say, PrE 7, PrE 8 or PrE 9, and the version 8 came with a bunch of extra free stuff, I'd likely pass, just like PrPro's CS4. Some versions, rightfully, or wrongfully just do not instill confidence. Still, many used PrE 8 fine, with zero problems, other than maybe having to turn ON, or OFF certain added "features." With a few of those same considerations, it seems that most users of PrE 9, are having few issues. I need to pick it up, just to stay current on this forum, though I use my PrPro 9:1 for actual editing.


                Wish that I had good, and direct responses, regarding PrE 8, but I do not. I do know that Steve Grisetti used it extensively, and had few problems. However, I also think that he'd allow that PrE 9 is a better version, just based on his time helping others in this forum and at Muvipix.


                If you have PrE 8, and have not totally given up on it, let's see if we can get it running for you. As you can see from the list above, there is usually an order for general issues, and you'll see about the same outline in that linked article. With the info, we should be able to get things going, but it might take a few tweaks along the way.


                Good luck, and thanks for the kind words. We all try, to the best of our abilities, and I think that this forum has a pretty fair track record of helping - whether with the easy stuff, or with the really difficult situations.



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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  On Premiere Elements support site http://Muvipix.com, we often say that Premiere Elements 8 is Adobe's Vista and version 9 is its Windows 7. In version 9, Adobe showed a new commitment to performance, and they resolved many of the problems that crept in in version 8.


                  I'm not a big fan of version 8. Even with its patch, I would never use it to do any serious work.


                  Version 9 is greatly improved. I can't promise it will solve all of your problems since, whenever you're working on a Windows machine, you're dealing with any of millions of possible configurations and program conflicts. But it is a much better program.

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                    djskulli Level 1

                    Thanks everyone for the thoughtful replies, all great info...


                    So I guess the question is now how do I get Adobe to hook me up with a free copy of 9?


                    I tried to get the comp from them, but evidently I didnt buy my copy of 8 within the right time frame.


                    But that said, I feel that I shouldn't have to spend MORE money to make this program work correctly....


                    in the meantime I will follow up on the tweaks suggest here and will letcha know how it goes...



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Unfortunately, that will need to be between you and Adobe. We're but lowly users here. Now, Neale has recently posted an upgrade offer, but I do not recall the exact details of that. I would use the Contact Adobe button, at the top of the forum, and just ask. Never hurts to ask.


                      Going back, when some were first having issues with PrE 8, Adobe offered some the option of going with PrE 7, though it was not officially available. Never know what they will offer.


                      Good luck,



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                        NotEnoughHours Level 1

                        Ha - you know what I REALLY want?  I'd like Adobe to tell me what the EXACT specs of the PC's are that their testing programmers use.  Maybe then we could all get some work done :--)

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                          Stephen JSp Level 1

                          I'm struggling to get Pre8 working, as with others on this chain.  Reinstall etc very quickly got me back to exactly where I was a few hours ago = unable to open projects, create new ones, import video etc.  Shocking software, can't use it at all.  I noticed your comment on Pre9.  I'm willing to upgrade if it will get me up and running.  Any tips on the cheapest place to upgrade?  I see a brand new copy on Amazon (UK) is cheaper than the upgrade version (why?!?!??!).  If I buy the brand new version, how can I be sure that my Elements photos and collections etc aren't blown away.  Is the upgrade process seamless etc for Elements?  (I have nothing worthy of saving in Pre8, just my photos in Elements 8)


                          OR should I persevere with Pre8?  (I'm a new user on this forum, I see lots of good articles but no guarantee that I will get a working Elements 8 - so is it time to cut my losses?)