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    Sharing videos

    Geo mazz Level 1

      OK - I made my first VERY ROUGH video with audio - I want to share it

      but am not sure how to do it best.  I followed the "Share" tab and chose

      something about saving to play on computers - and it saved as a

      FLV file (not sure what that is) - thenh tried to email it to myself and it takes a very long time.  Is this the best way to share with others or is ther

      e another way (don;t really want to post it on You Tube or Facebook yet)


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          First, FLV is the Adobe Flash format, and is very adaptable, regarding the Frame Size, and the Bit-Rate. It is often used for loading into a Web page's embedded FLV player. For that purpose, it is quite good, and can be altered to produce smaller files, that still have good quality. What settings did you choose? That is very, very important.


          For e-mail, FLV with proper settings, would be a choice that I might make.


          There are other options. WMV, for instance, is good (again, depending on the settings) for streaming media, and can often be e-mailed, though the recipient would need to be on a PC, or have WMV capabilities on their Mac.


          MOV, (again, depending on the settings) would be a fairly universal format, as most PC's have Apple QT Player, and all Mac's do.


          The three determining factors will be:


          1. Duration
          2. Bit-Rate (Quality)
          3. Frame Size



          What do you have, and what settings have you chosen?


          Good luck,



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            Geo mazz Level 1

            Was able to save the FVL file but could not get it to play and it was way too large to email.  Did not notice the setting I chose.


            Had not evben noticed the WMV method - guess I need to start looking more closely at these menus.  I am trying that one now - with Cable Modem chosen

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Sorry, but I did not see the FLV settings. Maybe I have just missed them, but were they listed in the body text of the original message?


              Again, and sort of like with the Scroll Bars, that I mentioned in the previous thread, regarding scrolling in Timeline, the various Export/Share settings need to be scrolled too. I keep loosing several, when I forget to scroll, and first assume that I have somehow lost them.


              Good luck,




              PS - when needing to send material to clients for approval, I will Export to something like DV-AVI (large files!), but then place them on a service, like YouSendIt, and the client gets an e-mail with the link to that file on YouSendIt. Depending on their connection speed, it is easy, and relatively quick, and get the best quality to comment on.