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    PRE 9 Performance question

    N9JCR Level 2

      Hi all,


      Finally made the big move from PRE4 to PRE9.0.1.  As usual with PRE upgrades there are functions that were removed that make me scratch my head, such as no longer able to designate favorate transitions.  And moving the zoom in-out slider over to the edge of the display, and dumbing down the Markers icons (resulting in taking more mouse clicks now just to add a marker).  But those are just annoyances.


      My actual problem is that some functions seem to be much slower than in my previous version (on same PC).  For example, a simple rendering of two 5 second title clips with a transition joining them takes longer than real-time to render (takes longer than 10 seconds to render 10 seconds worth of video).  Nothing special - two tracks, one A/V and one just the title.  Rendering other places such as fade-in/out is slow also.  This is SD AVI video from the same DV camera I've used for years (Panasonic PV-GS320).


      Scrubbing works fine - I can't move the CTI faster than it can display/play audio.  DVD burn time seems reasonable (and successful) although I have not done anything lengthy yet.  No crashes, and on the plus side so far all the problems I had with the titler in PRE4 are fixed now.  I do notice the same problem Neale mentioned where displaying the thumbnails on the timeline is very slow.


      Update: I did notice one wierd thing:  when you mouse-over a clip on the timeline and you get the little window with the start/end/duration information, the little window actually blinks off and on - and I'm not moving the mouse.  On (1/2 second or so) off (1 second).  It's on just briefly enough it takes a few tries to read the information.



      Specs on the PC:


      HP PC with AMD Athlon II x4 630 CPU @ 2.8 GHz

      6GB RAM

      Windows 7 64 bit - current on patches

      Three internal SATA HD's (one for software, one for video, one for rendering)

      Current video driver (NVIDIA GEFORCE 9100 version

      Current Quicktime  7.6.9


      Can anyone think of anything I'm not checking?    Or is PRE9 just slower?